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Earth element, Solar Plexus Chakra

Warm and nurturing, amber is an excellent ally for protection, manifestation, and healing. It is an ancient organic material made by trees. Trees are such a beautiful example of how to live life well: simultaneously connected to the heavens and rooted deep into the Earth. And, we can connect with that energy in so many ways by working with amber. Sunlight converted to protective and healing resin by trees, amber offers Light and warmth. Work with amber when you need to feel safe and protected, when you need to feel held and warm, when you need to heal on any level, and when you need to be reminded to get grounded while reaching for the heavens. Amber can also help you manifest prosperity and abundance and help you remember your own ancient wisdom from past lives and your ancestral lineage. This stone is purifying and detoxifying, an antidepressant, and can help you connect with nature spirits.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin and these stones are from Indonesia. From trees that lived tens of millions of years ago, amber is not technically a crystal. It is tree resin that has been preserved and then subjected to intense heat and pressure to become stone. Tree resin is different from tree sap, the material that moves nutrients inside the tree. Tree resin is a part of a tree’s immune system, secreted when the tree has been injured. The resin covers the wound and protects the tree while the wound heals. Amber that is more clear is from resin that was excreted for protection on the bark and cloudier amber comes front the resin stored inside the trees.

Amber is a great stone to carry with you as it transmutes dark energy into usable light, but this is a soft material that scratches easily--you don’t want to carry it in your pocket with coins or other hard items. Hold it your Solar Plexus Chakra to clear, balance, and heal, or hold it during meditation to call in warm, healing, protection, and abundance. 

Blue amber is very rare. It is found in only two places on Earth--the Dominican Republic and Indonesia. Blue amber has the same metaphysical properties as other ambers, but with a higher, finer vibration. It can deepen your intuition, help focus your mind and bring in wisdom and clarity. The blue shows up in a variety of shades and intensity under different lighting because the color is caused by fluorescence.

The carver of these hearts is a gentle, sweet, and kind man who takes great pride in his work. Once in my care, each piece is cleared, Reiki-charged, and kept in sacred space.