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Picture of Tracy Sage King

Hi there! The Stone Apothecary was created my me, Tracy Sage King. I am honored you are here.

I am a Crystal & Sound Therapist, Intuitive Guide, and Reiki Master Teacher, among other titles. First, my crystal story. When I first started in crystal healing, I took a deep dive into all of the information on the internet and took SO MANY classes and certifications.

My first training was with Hibiscus Moon. It was the perfect introduction. (I'll list all of my other credentials in a bit.) I was already working in the healing arts, so once I earned my certificate, I immediately wanted to start holding sessions. But I had to gather my tools first, and finding the perfect stones took a while. Crystals you use in professional healing sessions can often be different from what you use for personal use, and so what I really wanted was a shop dedicated to healers. The Stone Apothecary is that shop.

Once I settled into crystal therapies, I wanted to send my clients home with crystals so that they could be empowered to work with their own energy and healing. I've been a stone dealer since and have steadily grown from one shelf in my healing space to a small brick and mortar shop.

The Stone Apothecary was born from my experience in selling crystals, coupled with my initial need for a store that catered to healers. 

My commitment to The Stone Apothecary customers:

  • Sharing metaphysical information about crystals from:
    • my experience as a healer
    • verifiable traditional and ancient uses
    • properties that are generally accepted in the industry
    • mineralogical data and how those minerals interact with and are used by humans
  • Encouragement to fine-tune your knowing of crystals. There is a lot of information out there about the metaphysical properties of stones, much of it conflicting. In the end, you will need to work with each stone and learn what works best for you personally and what work best for your clients generally.
  • Ethically sourced and energetically clear stones
  • Kind and compassionate customer service with firm boundaries about policies that can sustain a micro-business.
  • I hand-select the items in the shop. I curate the sets. I design and create the jewelry and crystal art (unless otherwise noted.)
  • I am hands-on involved in the unboxing and processing of all of our product.
  • I bless the products, constantly clear the space where they are kept, and am closely involved in processing orders.
  • Our brick and mortar store is in a sacred space with constant meditation, healing, and sound therapies happening nearby.

My Back Story

Initiated by my Chakradance Facilitator training in Fall 2014, my spiritual awakening was fast and furious. Spiritual awakening is hard. While many may think it is all love and light and unicorns, my spiritual awakening fast-tracked healing of my wounding and shadow with little space or grace.  I am now divorced with children.  Many of my day-to-day circumstances have changed. Many of my relationships have changed. But in all of those difficulties are huge lessons and growth.  Inside the chaos, I learned to let go of the things that no longer served me. I learned the lessons.  I can see the beautiful tapestry of the interconnectedness of it all and I am humbled by the knowledge that everything has meaning.

During this awakening, my intuitive gifts expanded exponentially. I had no guide or mentor during this experience and didn’t know where to turn. So I read. And read and read some more. I weeded out the information that didn’t resonate, found teachers, and started to make sense of it some of it. I’ve learned to enjoy he mystery of what doesn’t make sense.

I have been and continue to be awe-struck by the wonder and beauty and enormity of it all.  I am clear that I am here to create new paradigms, to create new ways of being, to express more love and authenticity, and to shine my light.  I am clear I am here to help and empower people.

So that I could safely and authentically help others, I sought out experts.  I studied many healing modalities and intuitive tools to develop and grow my gifts.  I am a continual student, and I am constantly learning and mastering more.  

Credentials & Certifications

I have spent thousands of hours working with clients in group and private settings. I am a constant student of metaphysics and energy work including spiritual leadership, and aroma, sound, crystal, and reiki therapies:

  • Advanced Crystal Master (Hibiscus Moon)
  • Certified Crystal Healer (Ashley Leavy)
  • Advanced Crystal Master (Athena Perrakis)
  • Holistic Healer (Athena Perrakis)
  • Crystal Reiki Master Teacher (Ashley Leavy)
  • Reiki Master Teacher (Lisa Guyman)
  • Certified Holographic Sound Healer (Paul Hubbert)
  • Certified Sound Therapist (Everitt Allen)
  • Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner (Denise Linn)
  • Certified Oracle Guide (Collete Baron-Reid)
  • Certified Sound Bath Practitioner (Jamie Bechtold)
  • Red Tent Facilitator (Tanishka)
  • Chakradance & Chakradance Kids Facilitator (Natalie Southgate)
  • Angel Card Reader, Realm Reader, Fairyologist (Doreen Virtue)

Current studies include:

  • Certified Aromatherapist (Aromahead Institute)
  • Advanced Crystal Healer (Ashley Leavy)
  • Drumming Therapist (Jeff Strong)
  • Gong Therapist (Methab Benton)

I hold a BA in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and an MBA from the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston. I am also the owner of Mediation Bar and offer private sessions as Tracy Sage King.