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Bumblebee Stone

A relatively new stone from Indonesia, Bumblebee Stone is also known as Bumblebee Jasper and Eclipse Stone. It is not a jasper, though, and there is a lot of incorrect information about what this unique stone actually is. According to an extensive analysis in The Journal of Gemmology, Bumblebee Stone is “a carbonate-rich gem material with bright yellow-to-orange and black colour contrast…[that] formed in a solfatara vent associated with an Indonesian volcano, as a rock that is dominated by slightly magnesian calcite coloured by sulphide pigments...and pyrite.” So, in general terms, this stone carries the healing properties of calcite, sulphur, and pyrite and the destruction/creation vibration of volcanoes. 

A stone of the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, Bumblebee Stone helps you manifest your desires by helping you let go of your energetic blocks, accept change, and step into your power. It helps you ground and get into your body, an essential aspect of manifestation. This stone boosts your self-confidence in a genuine way, creating an energy of quiet self-assurance and humble sovereignty.