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Caribbean Blue Calcite


Caribbean Blue Calcite

caribbean blue calcite

Serenity. It’s the word that best fits my experience of Caribbean Blue Calcite. It’s name is more about it’s beauty and vibration than where it’s found--it’s a new find from Pakistan, and as with most new stone discoveries, there is not much way of knowing how much is available.  

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a combination of ocean blue calcite and brown aragonite, and some pieces even have small crystal caves that look like sparkling sand. This stone is simply beautiful with its swirls of blue and white and sand colored tones. Just looking at this stone can transport you to the beach with all of its calming and relaxing associations. But, it’s not just memory that creates a relaxation response: clinical psychological studies show that one of the reasons we find the ocean so relaxing is because blue has a profound calming effect on our brains. 

Blue Calcite is a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone, soothing emotions, helping you to calmly communicate, and gently opening your intuitive senses as it quiets an active mind. Brown Aragonite is a Root and Earth Star Chakra stone that helps keep you grounded and stable by connecting you with Mother Earth. Calcite and aragonite are very closely related stones and so synergize well to sooth your mind and body and help get you grounded and centered.

Serenity. Peace. Quite simply, this stone calms all the things down.

Calcite is ubiquitous on Earth--it is found everywhere. It is the main component of the shells that protect marine organisms, snails, and eggs. Humans use calcite for construction and protection as it is the stable form of calcium carbonate and is the chief element of many marbles and travertines. Calcium carbonate is also used to reduce acid in agricultural soil. And, since calcium is integral in building healthy bones and muscles, as well as a strong nervous system and heart, calcium carbonate is used medicinally as a dietary supplement for humans. Calcium carbonate is also used in antacids to help quiet heartburn and upset stomach.

As a stone used in crystal healing, in my personal and professional experience, all of the calcites are calming to the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Smoothing over fiery or acidic situations and balancing overactivity, calcite is a gentle crystal ally. Calcite is also said to clear blockages and bring revitalized energy to the chakra and meridian systems. Physically, calcite is perfect for helping to heal broken bones and skeletal issues, and balances hormones.