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Dendritic Agate

Inclusions are iron or manganese. Growth and wisdom through inner work. Truth regarding the self. 

Get ready for some deep healing, grounding, and centering with these Earth Magic Dendrite Cabochons. Dendrites look like an imprint or a fossil of a tree or a plant! However, they’re formed by surface deposits of manganese oxide that crystallize in beautiful, natural, tree-like patterns! And when combined with the healing magic of limestone, you have an offering full of Root Chakra activation, protection, and purification. These high-quality dendrite cabochons come in a variety of sizes and shapes that make them perfect for crafting and jewelry making. Get creative with how you work with these gems – the possibilities are endless!

The deeper magic of these Earth Magic Dendrite Cabochons

Metaphysically, dendrites resonate with the nervous and circulatory systems and can help the body heal. Dendrites are also stones of abundance and fulfillment; they help to create a positive environment and encourage mindful living. These stones unite you with Earth magic and offer a sense of strength in times of conflict or perplexity. Limestone enhances the healing properties of dendrite and is a gemstone of purification. A grounding and centering stone, limestone also attracts and helps you to focus on positive thoughts.