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Petrified Wood

Millions of years ago, a tree fell and was buried. Over an unfathomable amount of time, the once-alive organic matter of the tree was replaced by minerals and crystals. In this replacement process, the crystal took the form of the tree. Magical, really. That you can hold the form of a tree that was alive millions of years ago and connect to the wisdom of all the times between. Associated with the earth element and the direction of north, trees are grounding and stabilizing, but in a way that differs from other grounding allies. Tree roots reach deep into the Earth, while tree branches reach up to the heavens. It is for this reason that trees are such a universal spiritual symbol: they are simultaneously connected to both Heaven and Earth. And with the magic of fossilization, we can connect to that energy and ancient wisdom at the same time.

Petrified wood helps you stay connected to Earth and imparts ancient wisdom. Use it during meditation to keep you in the present moment and in your body and allow it to help center you when your brain and it’s thoughts are running the show.